Life Memories
 Preserved with Compassion

Life Memories
 Preserved with Compassion


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Custom Granite Memorial Benches

Beautiful and Practical Benches for Cemetery or Home use

Custom benches are a unique way to remember your loved one. Some are available with storage for urns, while others are simply a lasting tribute to your loved one.  At Creative Monument, we strive to provide options that represent the unique, special life of your loved one.  Custom benches can be placed in addition to or in place of a traditional monument in most cemeteries.  Allow Creative Monument to help you select the perfect bench for your departed loved one. These custom benches can have lettering and designs added to them.  All of our granite benches come in many different granite colors from all over the world.  We can match an existing monument, as well.  Benches are not reserved only for the cemetery.  

Granite for all occasions

Granite Memorial Benches are great for resting places in city gardens, college campuses, and even at your home.  Call us today for any of your permanent, outdoor seating needs.

Bench Overview

Are you looking for a beautiful yet practical gravesite alternative to grave markers? Consider paying your respects to a deceased loved one on a commissioned granite memorial bench made by Creative Monument.  We serve all of central Arkansas, such as ...

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Traditional Benches

Traditional benches are a great addition to any memorial. Providing a place of rest for you, while you visit your resting loved one. These can also be used instead of a traditional memorial in most cemeteries, or in your garden.  Contact the memorial experts at Creative ...

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Cremation Benches

Although you or a loved one may have chosen cremation, there are still beautiful, practical ways to honor the memory.Are you looking for a beautiful yet practical alternative to the traditional grave site memorial? Consider paying your respects to a deceased loved one on a commissioned granite ...

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